02 March, 2024

Polkadot’s Social Surge Unmatched as DOT’s Price Recovery Remains Elusive

7 months ago

06 Nov, 2023

  • Polkadot experiences a surge in social media popularity, but its native cryptocurrency, DOT, lags in price recovery.
  • DOTUSD trades at $5.14, showing bearish sentiment, with resistance at $5.72, and support at $4.25.
  • Polkadot’s overall performance shows a significant downward trend with consistent selling pressure.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, it’s no longer solely about the numerical data displayed on charts. Social media has emerged as a formidable influencer, molding the destiny of digital assets. One such example is Polkadot, a network that connects multiple blockchains, which has recently witnessed an unprecedented surge in popularity within the social sphere. However, its native cryptocurrency, DOT, appears to be falling behind.

The excitement surrounding Polkadot is palpable. Over the last seven days, discussions about the network have taken social media by storm. With a surge in social mentions and engagements, it’s clear that the community is buzzing with enthusiasm.

Santiment, an intelligence platform, noted a spike in positive sentiment towards DOT. However, this has yet to translate into a bullish price trend. The cryptocurrency’s development activity has been flat, and its trading volume, although surging, is still far from its monthly peak.

Polkadot (DOTUSD) is currently trading at $5.14, experiencing a decline of 0.98% in one day. The recent price movement indicates a bearish sentiment in the market as the cryptocurrency struggles to maintain its upward momentum. Looking at the Ichimoku cloud indicator, the current price of $5.15 is below the conversion line at $5.15 and the baseline at $5.35, suggesting a potential downtrend in the short term. The lagging span, currently at $5.00, also confirms this bearish outlook.

Source: TradingView

The current resistance level for DOTUSD can be observed at around $5.72, which is the high point of the Ichimoku cloud indicator on the daily chart. This level represents a significant barrier that the price has struggled to breach in recent trading sessions. If the price breaks above this level convincingly, it could indicate a potential bullish momentum, possibly leading to further upside movement.

On the other hand, the current support level for DOTUSD is located near $4.25, corresponding to the low point of the Ichimoku cloud. This support level has been tested multiple times in the past and has shown its significance in preventing further price declines. A break below this level might signal increased selling pressure and potentially open the door to further downside movement.

On the upside, the 50-day SMA at 5.0089 provides a potential support level, but a clear break below this level could lead to further price declines. Traders should keep a close eye on this critical support level to assess the strength of the bearish momentum.

The overall performance of Polkadot over various time frames also indicates a significant downward trend. With losses of -6.36% in the past week, -10.90% in the past month, and -37.05% year-to-date, the cryptocurrency has been facing consistent selling pressure.


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