02 March, 2024

Polygon Labs Partners with Flipkart and Hang to Launch Loyalty Program

9 months ago

06 Dec, 2023

Leading blockchain protocol Polygon Labs has partnered with the Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart and the next-generation loyalty platform Hang to introduce an on-chain, brand-first loyalty program titled “FireDrops 2.0.”

Announcing the collaboration, Polygon Labs tweeted:

Polygon Labs asserted that its loyalty program, FireDrops 2.0, has the potential to onboard millions of new users to Web3. The loyalty program aims to revolutionize brand engagement by providing rewarding experiences to Flipkart users and encouraging brand loyalty through gamification.

By incorporating NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology, FireDrops is set to enhance user experiences with community involvement, while also exploring a dynamic marketplace for buying and selling rewards to enhance loyalty programs and strengthen brand connections.

While talking about the collaboration and the integration of Web3 and NFTs into their brand loyalty programs, Naren Ravula, Vice President, and Head of Product Strategy and Deployment, at Flipkart, stated:

By integrating Web3 and NFTs into brand loyalty programs, we are revolutionizing brand marketing, storytelling, and customer engagement. As India’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace which is constantly innovating, we recognize the value of customer loyalty and more importantly, the emerging space of Web3 loyalty. We are excited to partner with one of the best in the space for this innovative brand-first rewards and loyalty program.

Notably, the novel project attempts to offer users an immersive experience through quests and games associated with their favorite brands. Through active participation, users would earn membership passes, lifetime discounts, and other incentives, nurturing a stronger bond between users and brands. 

As per the announcement, the collaboration intends to bring together Flipkart’s broad market reach, Polygon’s scalability, and Hang’s expertise in loyalty solutions, creating a powerful alliance for next-generation loyalty experiences.

The partners proclaimed that users would be able to join the FireDrops waitlist to gain early access, and be among the first to experience the loyalty program. Earlier in January, Flipkart partnered with Polygon to launch Metaverse and Web3 use cases in e-commerce.


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