• 23 July, 2024

PolygonScan Blockchain Explorer Suffers An Outage

The PolygonScan blockchain explorer reportedly suffered an outage due to a bug on February 22. The PolygonScan outage event caught the attention of the Cryptoverse on Twitter.

The outage reportedly took place as “some nodes were out of sync,” per an explanation offered by Rivet—a provider of the Polygon node infrastructure. An “unusually large” block reorganization took place just two minutes prior to the nodes losing the sync.

Small block reorganizations take place on a routine basis for Polygon (since it is based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine). Being a “larger block reorganization,” it led to multiple issues, such as nodes momentarily failing to validate blocks. While the network reportedly kept on producing blocks, a temporary hiccup occurred in network performance.

Consequently, offering a way forward, Polygon co-founder tweeted:


Further, throwing light on the PolygonScan outage, Polygon co-founder Jayant Kanani also tweeted:

Kanani explained that the reorganization happened owing to a bug which is being fixed. It “is in process in two parts,” wrote Kanani. While the “first is already in the mainnet since January (reducing the sprint size, and the next release will be around March, supporting finality in a few seconds,” added Kanani.

Kanani offered the said explanation in response to Hayden Adams, the “Inventor of the Uniswap protocol.”

Hayden Adams, CEO, Uniswap Labs, wrote, Polygon needs to make moves publicly to solve its re-org problem 157 block reorg (5mins of history) yesterday and 120 in December is bad, and can break bridges, CEX, etc Maybe a consensus algo change? Or a social consensus based hardfork to slash the validator?

Replying to Adams, Mihailo Bjelic, co-founder, Polygon, stated, reorganizations must be “addressed,” and Polygon is handling it. He clarified that the recent PolygonScan outage was “due to a bug that is being fixed.” Polygon is also “exploring replacing Bor/Heimdall with a single (Polygon Edge based) client with instant finality,” per Bjelic.

Rivet’s Greg Lang noted, While I would hesitate to call it a catastrophe, it is likely more people were impacted than were talking about it.

Austin Roberts, founder, Open Relay, stated, PolygonScan took over two hours to manage the situation. Rivet reportedly resumed operations in under an hour.

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