• 25 June, 2024
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Profit Paradise: 87% of Bitcoin Supply Now in the Green, What’s Next for Investors?

Bitcoin’s recent rally has brought a wave of optimism to investors, as the cryptocurrency soared above the $50k mark, reaching multi-year highs. As per Glassnode, an analytic platform, this surge has not only rewarded those with unwavering faith in Bitcoin’s potential but also significantly reduced the volume of supply held at a loss to a mere 13%. 

At the time of press, Bitcoin trades slightly below these highs at $49,499.27, with market dynamics hinting at a robust year ahead. The asset has seen remarkable growth, with a year-to-date return of +18.5% and an impressive +130% increase over the last twelve months.

Moreover, the market dynamics reveal a shifting landscape. Long-Term Holders (LTHs), who represent a significant portion of Bitcoin’s investor base, are beginning to adjust their holdings. This adjustment is partly due to the approval of spot ETFs, which has encouraged some to take profits or diversify into new financial products. Despite a decrease in LTH supply balance by roughly 299.5k BTC since last November, the overall trend indicates a move towards profitability for most investors.

Source: glassnode

Additionally, the composition of Bitcoin’s supply further underscores the current market sentiment. A vast majority of Bitcoin, approximately 87%, was acquired at prices below $48k, placing most investors in a state of profit. This profitability is even more pronounced among LTHs, with only 6.5% of their aggregate supply currently held at a loss. This trend mirrors early bull market conditions, suggesting a positive outlook for the cryptocurrency.

Source: glassnode

However, the market is not without its challenges. The Short-Term Holder (STH) cohort experienced a ‘sell-the-news’ correction following the ETF launches, resulting in a healthy market reset. This correction saw the percentage of STH supply in profit drop to its all-time average of 57.5%, indicating a balanced correction rather than a high-risk market condition.

Source: glassnode

Bitcoin’s recent performance paints a picture of a market on the cusp of another transitional phase. With the majority of supply now in profit and LTHs beginning to adjust their holdings, the stage is set for further developments. Investors and analysts alike will be watching closely as Bitcoin continues to navigate this dynamic landscape, potentially setting the foundation for the next bull market cycle.

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