21 April, 2024

Reddit Sources Claim Terra Founder Granted Citizenship North Korea

03 Oct, 2022

22 Nov, 2023

Terra’s Do Kwon Allegedly in North Korea – Granted Citizenship

Terra founder Do Kwon, who’s been under a lot of heat from regulators across several jurisdictions over the past few months, is allegedly a North Korean citizen now. There is currently a thread on Reddit alleging that the Terra boss was supposedly smuggled into North Korea from Singapore, making it harder for the international police agency to catch him.

Refuge in North Korea

According to the post, the Terra CEO was granted North Korean citizenship in exchange for his knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In particular, Kwon would assist the North Korean government in developing a blockchain ecosystem.

“Do Kwon has allegedly been ‘spirited away’ into North Korea. In exchange for his blockchain expertise and to create a unique ecosystem for North Korea, he’s been given citizenship,” a Redditor u/Woowoodyydoowoow said.

According to sources, Kwon was smuggled to North Korea after taunting victims of the Terra collapse. Even after arriving in North Korea, Kwon allegedly continued mocking the country’s impoverished farmers.

These reports were confirmed by a second Reddit user, who said that some of his North Korea-based friends had been in touch with a man in Pyongyang who has been making similar comments.

“Heard from my North Korean buddies on Runescape (gold farmers) that there’s a guy in Pyongyang walking around saying ‘have fun staying poor’ to everyone he passes by, and when they try to respond, he says, ‘I don’t debate the poor. Continue in poverty ser,’ before walking off,” the Redditor noted.

An attempt to flee?

The news comes just a week after the Luna foundation suspiciously went ahead to move 3,133 Bitcoin soon after South Korean authorities issued an arrest order for the Terraform Labs CEO.

The Terra founder is also the subject of an international arrest warrant known as a “Red Notice” issued by the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol).

Do Kwon, who apparently moved his operations to Singapore from South Korea, has continued to deny that a warrant had been issued for his arrest.


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