• 25 June, 2024

Ripple’s Fate Hangs in Balance: Analysts Assess Regulatory Hurdles

In a pivotal move, renowned crypto analyst Prosperity Fund has shed light on the fate of Ripple amidst mounting legal challenges and regulatory ambiguity. In a recent X post, the analyst delves into the complexities surrounding Ripple’s trajectory.


Initially lauded for its ambitious goals of revolutionizing cross-border flows with fast and economical payments and exploring Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), Ripple has found itself entangled in a web of legal uncertainties. The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) lawsuit has overshadowed the company, resulting in dwindling valuations and XRP prices.

JoelKatz, Ripple’s CTO, acknowledged the company’s struggle with a “lack of traction” in payments and the premature nature of its CBDC endeavors. While Ripple’s vision tackled significant issues, the sluggish pace of governmental adoption, particularly regarding CBDCs, has hindered its progress.

Despite making strides with smaller nations, Ripple has failed to secure substantial commitments from major economies, akin to other projects like Corda/R3 and Ethereum. The dominance of the United States in global finance further complicates Ripple’s prospects, exacerbated by the SEC’s regulatory overhang.

While courts have deemed XRP not a security, transactions involving institutional sales and Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) face regulatory scrutiny. Ripple’s hopes for ODL as a major revenue stream are threatened by the looming possibility of an SEC injunction.

Amidst these challenges, Ripple faces the daunting task of reshaping its sales strategy within a court-approved framework. However, the SEC’s recent filings indicate a willingness to pursue injunctions against post-complaint sales and ODL activities, irrespective of adjustments.

The impending appeals process adds another layer of uncertainty, with Ripple and the SEC poised to contest rulings at the 2nd Circuit. Ripple seeks to exclude ODL from securities classification, akin to Ethereum’s utility as a network fuel, as the SEC’s Hinman advocates.

In the face of prolonged legal battles, regulatory hurdles, and incumbent pressure, Ripple’s journey toward realizing its global payment and CBDC objectives appears fraught with challenges. While the promise of Ripple and XRP remains, the road ahead may take time, raising questions about the timeliness and efficacy of its solutions in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

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