25 February, 2024

Shiba Inu SmartMoney Buys 72.83B PEPE, 529M WOJAK

10 months ago

03 Nov, 2023

On-chain analyst Lookonchain has reported that an early Shiba Inu (SHIB) SmartMoney buyer bought big bags of PEPE and WOJAK. As per the data, the buyer in question began buying SHIB at a much lower price on January 30, 2021, to finally make $1.18 million from SHIB

Notably, the buyer bought 188.6 billion SHIB for $96.5K and sold 95.3 billion SHIB for $1.18 million (having made ~$2 million on SHIB). The SmartMoney is holding 92.3 billion SHIB worth $929K. It is to be noted that in the Cryptoverse, ‘smart-money’ usually represents the cash invested by experienced and well-informed investors.

Sharing the breaking news, Lookonchain tweeted:

Significantly, Lookonchain stated that the buyer reportedly bought 72.83 billion PEPE worth $95,610 and 529 million WOJAK worth $329,315. The page also shared the DeBank profile of the SmartMoney to substantiate their claims.

In related news, Shiba Inu lead Shytoshi Kusama has issued a scam token warning on the official Telegram channel of Shibarium Tech.

Source: Shibarium Tech’s Telegram

Furthermore, Shibburn is reported to have burned a whopping 3,269,676,832 (3.26 billion) SHIB tokens in April 2023. As for the headlining PEPE coin, Lookonchain went on to have reported that a whale exchanged almost all assets for PEPE.

The whale is said to have exchanged 20.62 WBTC (worth $590K), 17 billion CULT (worth $90K), 44,194 UNI (worth $235K), and 19.96 ETH (worth $37K) for 1.72 trillion PEPE (now worth $2.19 million). The whale’s PEPE buying price was ~$0.0000005533 which enabled earning a profit of ~$1.23 million. The page also shared the DeBank profile of the whale to support the claim.