• 14 July, 2024
Market News

$SOL and $TIA Lead the Way as Crypto Stakers Reap Huge Airdrop Rewards

Cryptocurrency staking has recently witnessed significant gains as highlighted by Cyclop, a crypto aficionado in a recent X platform post update. Particularly, $SOL and $TIA stakers received over $50,000 in airdrops. Consequently, anticipation is building among investors in various other tokens. These include $INJ, $PYTH, $ATOM, and more.

$TIA stakers notably benefited from several airdrops. They received $DYM, $ALT, $MILK, $MANTA, $SAGA, $DOKI, $MOV, and $HYPR. Hence, the value provided to stakers is not just in the form of token appreciation. It also comes from the diverse range of airdrops received. Moreover, the current price of Celestia is a noteworthy $17.12, although it saw a 6.84% drop recently.

$INJ stakers, on the other hand, received a variety of tokens including $NOIS, $STDR, and $DOKI. Additionally, they got $TALIS, $BLACK, $EXO, $AERO, $NPTN, $NINJA, and $HELIX. Injective’s current price stands at $37.90, with a 7.66% decrease observed. These airdrops represent a significant value addition for $INJ stakers.

$SOL stakers have also reaped substantial benefits. They received $JTO, valued over $15,000, and several others like $PYTH, $JUP, and $TENSOR. Moreover, $MRGN, $DRIFT, $PHTM, $ZETA, and $SNS were part of the airdrop. Despite a recent 6.81% drop, Solana’s price is a strong $94.12.

$PYTH stakers weren’t left behind. They got ZETA, MONAD, DRIFT, PARCL, BLAST, and MARGIN. Significantly, Pyth Network’s price has increased by 2.45%, now at $0.362505. This uplift in price complements the airdrop benefits.

$ATOM stakers received a broad array of tokens, including JUNO, OSMO, and EVMOS. Besides, XPRT, DYM, PRYZM, CRBRUS, and REBUS were also part of the airdrop. Furthermore, they received DOKI, NAM, LUM, STARS, LVN, MVMNT, LIGHT, HYPR, FUEL, BERA, and MONAD. Currently, Cosmos faces a minor 0.83% drop, priced at $9.99.

$SUI stakers, besides, received an array of airdrops, adding significant value to their investments. The airdrops include VOLO, NAVI, KRIYA, BUCKET, HAEDAL, SCALLOP, and BLUEFIN, diversifying their portfolio with promising new tokens. Sui price is at $1.12, witnessing a 15.94% decline in the last 24 hours.

Finally, $AVAX stakers received PHAR, MOE, HUBBLE, CAVAL, STRUCT, DELTA, RUMBL, HYPER, LEVR, AAVY, GUNZ, STEAK, and SPELL. Avalanche’s price today is $33.11, down by 6.92%.

Hence, the cryptocurrency staking realm is buzzing with activity. Stakers are not only enjoying token appreciation but also the added perk of diverse airdrops. This trend is set to continue, attracting more investors to the staking landscape.

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