• 17 July, 2024

Solana Share Exciting Things Users Should Expect From Them in 2023

In a new blog post, Solana has detailed the exciting developments to come in 2023. In June, Solana Mobile made the announcement that it will be releasing the blockchain from the confines of the desktop with the help of the Saga phone and the Solana Mobile Stack. In addition, it won’t be long now. DVT-1 units are shipping now. Beginning in early 2023, Saga will be made available to the general public.

A payment ecosystem that does not require any permissions or friction has been launched thanks to the introduction of Solana Pay in February. It is currently being used by stores as well as brands, and this trend is expected to continue growing in 2023.

New builders and founders have found it much simpler to get their businesses off the ground thanks to significant enhancements made to the developer tools and educational resources available within the Solana ecosystem. The company plans to make even more of these kinds of improvements in the coming year.

Following the discovery of a number of problems during the spring of 2022, the core Solana engineers and the larger Solana ecosystem have been working tirelessly to enhance the network. And by a wide variety of measures, their efforts have been successful. According to the assertions made in the blog, the Solana network is currently more decentralized, reliable, and faster than it has ever been.

2022 was a spectacular year for the modest Solana dev. There were a total of 2053 active developers working on projects that use Solana as of the end of November, with 1654 of those developers working exclusively on Solana-based projects. SolanaU’s rise on college campuses is notable. Ambassadors from SolanaU provided assistance to students and faculty at colleges ranging from Berkeley to Belgrade.

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