• 30 May, 2024
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Starknet Unveils STRK Distribution: A Major Leap Towards Network Decentralization

In a recent development, the Starknet Foundation has unveiled its ambitious initiative, the Starknet Provisions Program, in a groundbreaking announcement. In a recent X post, the platform revealed that the Starknet Provisions Program aims to facilitate the widespread distribution of STRK tokens to individuals who have significantly contributed to the advancement of Starknet’s ecosystem.

Eligibility for the Starknet Provisions Program extends to various stakeholders, including Ethereum stakeholders until the anticipated merger, Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), and members of the Protocol guild stands a potential beneficiaries. This move reflects the foundation’s acknowledgment of the multifaceted contributions that drive the Starknet community forward.

To streamline the claiming process and ensure accessibility for eligible participants, the Starknet Foundation has pledged to cover all fees associated with claiming STRK via the Provisions portal. This gesture aims to maximize convenience and encourage widespread participation in the distribution program.

Source: Image by Starknet

Meanwhile, the renowned analytical platform OxScope has provided key insights into the fundamental aspects of STRK. According to their recent X post, the total token supply stands at 10 billion, with an initial allocation of 700 million tokens distributed through a first-round airdrop. Notably, the community share comprises 1.8 billion tokens, emphasizing the significance of community involvement in the Starknet ecosystem.

However, OxScope’s analysis also highlights a concerning concentration of token ownership, with the top three holders controlling a substantial 65% of the total token supply. While the Starknet Provisions Program aims to promote broader distribution, addressing such disparities in token ownership remains a crucial challenge for the project moving forward.

The unveiling of the Starknet Provisions Program marks a significant milestone in Starknet’s journey towards decentralization and community empowerment. By incentivizing active participation and rewarding contributions, the foundation aims to foster a vibrant and inclusive ecosystem conducive to the long-term success of Starknet.

The Starknet Provisions Program’s rollout marks a significant step towards democratizing token distribution and fostering community-driven innovation. Its implementation is anticipated with great enthusiasm, reflecting a growing trend towards decentralization within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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