• 26 May, 2024
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Stripe Returns USDC Payments on Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon

John Collison, co-founder and president of Stripe, a financial giant, shared insights on the platform’s decision to make its way back into the Bitcoin sector. On Thursday, the firm stated it would let consumers accept cryptocurrency payments, beginning with a single currency, USDC stablecoins, on Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon. 

The payments processor, which began using Bitcoin in 2014, ended its efforts in 2018 owing to worries about its volatility, long transaction times, and rising costs. This resulted in Bitcoin’s first “crypto winter,” with its value falling from $19,650 in December 2017 to $3,401 by the end of the year. 

The product manager, Tom Karlo, wrote in a blog post that Stripe would transition away from Bitcoin over the next three months, ending support for the most prominent cryptocurrency on April 23, 2018. Stripe first enabled Bitcoin transactions in 2015, a year after testing the technology. 

The finance firm moved toward re-entering the market the following year by co-founding Facebook’s Libra project, but it backed out later that year, and Libra never got off the ground. Stripe launched a project in 2022 to enable fiat-to-crypto transfers

Collison announced at the company’s Connect developer conference in San Francisco that Stripe is reintroducing cryptocurrency payments. This decision marked a significant shift for Stripe, which discontinued support for Bitcoin. Starting with USDC stablecoin acceptance, Stripe aims to provide a more stable and efficient payment method for its users. Collison emphasized the improvement in transaction settlements and costs, likening them to a smoother experience compared to Christopher Nolan films.

Stripe has announced numerous new product releases, including integrating competing payment providers into its financial services tools. As part of its walled garden expansion plan, the corporation is also boosting its cryptocurrency support. Stripe has experienced hurdles in its connection with cryptocurrencies as it seeks to participate in the discussion regarding the implications of blockchain-based technology on financial services.

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