• 17 July, 2024
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Tech Meets Finance: Octaloop’s India Blockchain Tour 2024 to Showcase Latest Innovations in Web3

New Delhi, India–(July 5, 2024) – The convergence of technology and finance takes center stage as Octaloop announces the third edition of the India Blockchain Tour. Set to sweep across six major cities from July 13 to August 31, 2024, this tour promises to be a hotbed of Web3 innovations and blockchain advancements.

The tour, powered by crypto exchange giant KuCoin and innovative payment platform Binamite, will traverse New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata. It aims to bring together tech enthusiasts, developers, and industry leaders to explore the latest trends in blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), and the future of digital assets.

With India’s crypto-savvy population exceeding 115 million and investments projected to surpass $241 million by 2030, the tour comes at a crucial juncture in the country’s tech evolution. Attendees can expect deep dives into emerging technologies such as layer-2 scaling solutions, interoperability protocols, and advancements in smart contract capabilities.

“The rapid pace of innovation in Web3 necessitates platforms that can bridge the gap between conceptualization and real-world implementation,” said Hema Dubey, VP of Marketing at Interakt, and a key figure in the blockchain space. “Interakt guides clients through every step, from conceptualization to implementation, providing a comprehensive suite of secure, scalable, and user-friendly solutions that empower businesses to seamlessly transition from blockchain ideation to real-world implementation across diverse domains.”

The event will feature panel discussions on topics ranging from the latest developments in NFTs to the potential impact of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) on the Indian financial landscape.

As the blockchain industry matures, compliance and security have become paramount. Johnny Lyu, CEO of KuCoin, emphasized their commitment to these aspects: “We have restructured our organization, upgraded our systems, and played a significant role in establishing new industry standards in compliance. Compliance and customer protection have always been, and continue to be, the tenets of KuCoin.”

In the rapidly evolving landscape of crypto payments, Binamite is revolutionizing cross-border transactions with its innovative blockchain-based solution. Anupam Varshney, founder of Binamite, elaborates on their mission: “We’re pioneering a new era in international payments, akin to creating a SWIFT network for the USDC ecosystem. Our platform facilitates instant, cost-effective transactions around the clock, directly addressing the longstanding challenges of traditional international transfers. This technology has the potential to significantly accelerate crypto adoption, particularly in emerging markets where efficient cross-border payments are crucial.”

The India Blockchain Tour 2024 is set to be a melting pot of ideas, fostering collaborations that could shape the future of India’s digital economy. Whether you’ve been in the Web3 space for a long time or are a curious newcomer, this tour offers an opportunity to stay at the forefront of the DeFi revolution.

About Octaloop

Octaloop, the driving force behind this tour, has grown from humble beginnings. From hosting intimate blockchain discussions in local cafes, to becoming a leading force in India’s crypto landscape, the marketing and consulting firm has come a long way. In 2018, the company achieved a milestone by organizing India’s largest blockchain meetup in partnership with Cointelegraph.

At the helm is Anupam Varshney, Octaloop’s founder and a respected voice in the Indian blockchain community, who has consistently shared insights and analysis on industry trends, bringing together thousands of crypto enthusiasts.

Over the years, Octaloop has forged strong alliances with key players in the industry, collaborating with numerous high-profile brands. The company’s flagship events, including the India Blockchain Tour and Metamorphosis, showcase its extensive experience in event management and its deep connections within the crypto industry. These events are supported by Binamite, an innovative platform that simplifies crypto payments for users.

Octaloop’s events are known for their inclusive atmosphere. Attendees can expect engaging discussions, a diverse crowd of forward-thinking individuals, and an environment where both newcomers and seasoned professionals can connect and find their footing in the Web3 space.

Registrations for the India Blockchain Tour are now open, inviting anyone interested in the future of DeFi to be part of this journey across India.

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