• 13 July, 2024

Telegram’s Hamster Kombat Reaches 239M Users, Preps for Blockchain Debut

In just three months since its launch, Hamster Kombat has become a viral sensation, transforming the way games are played and integrated with cryptocurrency technologies. This Telegram-based mini-app has quickly gathered a staggering 239 million users, making it a phenomenal case of digital virality and innovation.

Rapid Ascent to Popularity

Developed as a seemingly simple game, Hamster Kombat offers its players not just entertainment but also an entry point into the world of cryptocurrency. The game’s appeal skyrocketed, as highlighted by Pavel Durov, Telegram’s founder, who noted,

A new wave of mini-apps on Telegram is coming, and Hamster Kombat is now leading the pack.

The game’s astonishing user growth reached 100 million monthly users in just 73 days, with an average daily increase of 4-5 million new users. This growth trajectory sets Hamster Kombat apart as the fastest-growing digital service globally in 2024.

Tokenization and Blockchain Integration

What sets Hamster Kombat apart further is its pioneering approach to integrating blockchain technology within a game environment. Scheduled for July 2024, the game will introduce its own token on the TON blockchain, aiming to enhance the gaming experience by enabling in-game purchases and earnings through blockchain.

Hamster Kombat Reaches 150 Million Users Faster Than Ever: Report

Despite some delays and uncertainties around the exact launch date of its token, the anticipation remains high among its vast user base. The integration of TON wallets in June 2024 marks a significant step toward full blockchain functionality within the game.

Community and Record-Breaking Achievements

The success of Hamster Kombat is not just in its numbers but also in its community engagement. The game has been particularly popular on social media platforms, echoing the growth dynamics of earlier play-to-earn successes like Notcoin. Despite recent downturns in NOT’s market value, the social metrics around it continue to show robust engagement and interest.

Moreover, Hamster Kombat’s reach has extended to setting potential Guinness World Records. The game’s YouTube channel, crucial for player engagement and coin earning, has seen unprecedented growth, surpassing 10 million subscribers faster than any channel before it, including major influencers like Mr Beast.

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