21 April, 2024

Theta Network Token Up 8% After Launch Of AI Supercluster With FedML

25 Jul, 2023

02 Mar, 2024

  • The Theta Network recently launched a decentralized AI supercluster with FedML. 
  • Theta Network also rolled out an Edge Node update that would increase Theta Fuel earnings. 
  • TFUEL and THETA tokens gained more than 7% following the latest developments. 

Theta Network, a leading blockchain for video, media, and entertainment, recently announced the launch of a decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) supercluster for generative AI and content recommendation in association with FedML. 

Theta Network took to Twitter earlier today to share the latest development with its community:

According to a blog post by FedML, the new implementation would allow the users of the Theta Edge Node to provide their personal preferences and compute resources to train and deploy AI models and receive personalized content recommendations. The Edge Node allows users to relay video streams across the Theta Network and earn Theta Fuel tokens in the process. 

FedML would harness the power of decentralized machine learning through an interdisciplinary team of experts in machine learning, blockchain, computer vision, natural language processing, zero-knowledge proof, and privacy. As part of the decentralized AI supercluster, FedML clients were integrated into Theta Edge nodes and would regularly extract data from the Theta.tv backend. 

The Theta Network also rolled out Edge Node version 4.0.14 earlier today, which would add new FedML artificial intelligence compute jobs and boost Theta Fuel (TFUEL) earnings for users. According to Theta, thousands of Edge Nodes had already begun processing compute jobs. 

Speaking on their partnership with the Theta Network, the FedML team stated:

The FedML module can be used in Theta Edge Node Windows and MacOS GUI versions, as well as the Linux Docker container. Each recommendation model is trained on 100-1,000 samples via Edge Nodes before it is used to make user recommendations.

The latest development led to a considerable surge in the prices of tokens associated with the Theta Network. Governance token THETA witnessed an 8% increase and reached as high as $0.84. Meanwhile, the protocol’s micropayment cryptocurrency TFUEL rallied to $0.044, marking a 10% growth.   


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