21 April, 2024

Three Arrows Founder Kyle Davies Wants to ‘Have a Chat’ With SBF

24 Nov, 2022

22 Nov, 2023

Kyle Davies, the founder of the defunct cryptocurrency platform Three Arrows Capital, is once again calling out Sam Bankman-Fried. The disgraced founder of 3AC has publicly requested that SBF meet with him to discuss matters if the latter is certain that he has nothing to hide.

Davies claims that he is aware that SBF has a lot of responsibilities, but that the latter still found the time to send many letters and even agree to be interviewed by CNBC. At this time, the majority of the cryptocurrency community correctly recognizes the bias coming from MSM in favor of SBF as being manufactured, he continued.

In his words:

“It glosses over critical issues that have hurt people the most, and leaves a lot of questions unanswered about the criminal activity at your firms. If you really have nothing to hide, let’s chat, with transparency, in a forum where those you have inflicted pain upon, can tune in.”

Ever since FTX was brought to its knees, Davies has had his sights set on SBF. It seems that Davies is now repaying the favor that was done to him by criticizing SBF for their harsh treatment of his firm after it suffered the same fate as FTX a few months earlier. 

In an interview that took place only a few days ago with CNBC, Davies said that the industry as a whole has to do more effort in order to ensure that SBF and his fraudulent business associates are brought to justice.

Terra had a massive collapse in June, causing numerous platforms to go for bankruptcy. This included Three Arrows. The company filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy as Davies and co-founder Zhu Su disappeared.



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