24 February, 2024

US Politician Lauds SHIB’s Performance in Open Endorsement

8 months ago

02 Dec, 2023

Prominent United States politician Shannon Bray publicly endorsed the leading memecoin Shiba Inu recently by highlighting the performance of SHIB. Bray, a North Carolina politician who is also a gubernatorial candidate in the upcoming elections, compared the returns of SHIB with that of Ether. 

Bray took to Twitter recently to highlight the returns of SHIB as compared to ETH:

Shannon Bray told his Twitter followers that SHIB and ETH were typically in lockstep and that the cryptocurrencies tended to mirror each other’s actions. According to Bray, his bullishness for SHIB came from the massive popularity and support for Ethereum. However, the US politician remained optimistic about a breakout in SHIB’s price. 

Bray highlighted the daily performance of SHIB as compared to Ether, which stood at a gain of 3.5% as compared to a loss of 0.36% respectively. The North Carolina Governor candidate stated that the rally in SHIB’s price was prompted by the actions of the SHIB army. 

The pro-crypto politician’s tweet was followed by another endorsement of the Shiba Inu, wherein he highlighted the market capitalization of the meme token. Bray noted that SHIB was ranked 17th at the time and was listed on major crypto exchanges, including the American discount brokerage app Robinhood. He added, “SHIB stands above the rest”. 

Earlier this week, Shannon Bray encouraged all SHIB holders to tweet $shib and #SHIB in order to pump the price of the meme token. He was also in the news last week after he tweeted that he would use his paycheck to purchase SHIB. His support for SHIB dates back to 2021 when he tweeted that half the world cared about SHIB. 

Despite having over sixty-two thousand followers on Twitter and thousands of tweet views, Bray’s SHIB endorsement tweets largely failed to influence the price of the meme token. At the time of writing, SHIB was trading at $0.00000718, with a 24-hour trading volume of over $100 million and a market cap of $4 billion.