23 April, 2024

Vodafone DAB and Aventus Unite for Web3 Adoption in Economy of Things

03 Aug, 2023

21 Nov, 2023

  • Vodafone DAB and Aventus unite for blockchain-based tech adoption in the Economy of Things.
  • The collaboration aims to adopt secure Web3 blockchain tech globally, leveraging Vodafone DAB’s vast network.
  • Targeting aviation sector security, blockchain SIM cards for cargo tracking pods aim to reduce annual losses of around $400 million.

In a significant stride towards Web3 integration, Vodafone’s ‘Economy of Things’ Digital Asset Broker (DAB) business collaborates with Aventus, a pioneer in Web3 adoption, to empower enterprises with blockchain-based technologies.

Vodafone DAB and Aventus are pooling their expertise to facilitate wider adoption of Web3’s secure blockchain technologies for seamless data exchange and trading within the emerging Economy of Things. With a massive reach of over 160 million connections worldwide, Vodafone DAB is set to enable businesses to leverage Web3 benefits globally.

The initial focus of this partnership is on bolstering security and reliability within the aviation sector’s supply chain. Vodafone DAB and Aventus are jointly working on a solution that incorporates blockchain-enabled SIM cards for cargo tracking pods seamlessly integrated into the DAB platform. This innovation aims to curtail the staggering annual losses of 5%-10% in cargo pods, translating to around $400 million in industry losses.

The solution builds upon Aventus’ established collaborations at Heathrow Airport, where their blockchain solutions already manage aircraft unit load devices for efficient luggage, freight, and mail tracking. Jorge Bento, the CEO of Vodafone DAB, underlined the partnership’s potential to enable secure adoption of Web3 services. He remarked, “Addressing the needs of the airlines is a start, and we look forward to exploring many other opportunities with Aventus.”

Aventus specializes in providing businesses with secure solutions that blend IoT and trusted public blockchains to establish a digital record of online transactions. The partnership would create a bridge between Vodafone DAB and the Aventus Network, which seamlessly integrates into the broader blockchain ecosystem through the Polkadot platform.

Alan Vey, the founder & CEO of Aventus, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the transformative power of merging Blockchain, IoT, and Web3. He stated, “Those willing to understand and leverage it today have the unique opportunity to shape tomorrow’s digital landscape.”

Through this bridge, Vodafone DAB’s business clients and strategic partners could access multiple trusted public blockchains in a controlled and secure manner using the DAB IoT Identity Passport. Every trusted device linked to Vodafone DAB receives a unique identity passport, enabling secure data and financial exchanges across various organizations and ecosystems.

Having transitioned into a standalone business in May, Vodafone DAB would also contribute to the Aventus Network as a validator, strengthening network security and advancing decentralization. Both Vodafone DAB and Aventus hold interoperability as a linchpin for unlocking the complete potential of blockchain technology and propelling the new economy of things forward.


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