• 17 July, 2024

Want To Know About Top Best Cryptos Token To Buy; Read Here

To make investment choice easier for investors out of the new entrant in the market or the established one, Top Crypto trader in his latest tweet reported,  a second list of top performing crypto assets. The list consists of the top five assets based on various parameters. 

Slavik, a top crypto trader, came up with a part 2 in the series of top digital assets.

1 Uniswap

Uniswap is a leading Defi ecosystem built on the Ethereum network. In March, more trading activity rolled out on the decentralized exchange around  $70 billion as compared to the Centralized exchange Coinbase which was that is nearly 49.2 billion according to DefiLama.

Source: DeFilama

The surge in volume happened during the chaos and market volatility that happened in March. 

2: Cosmos

On the second number we have Cosmos. The analyst believed that the token would continue with its bullish bet. Cosmos introduced  many upgrades including upgrading to V9 (Lamba upgrade) that happened on  March 15. The upgrade helped Cosmos in gaining investor’s attention lately.

3: GMX

After the collapse of FTX, a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, the decentralized crypto derivatives are making an impact among investors. GMX proposed to allocate a protocol fee of 1.2% to Chainlink for its services to the exchange.

4: Polygon

Polygon, is the second-largest gaming blockchain following a launch of Polygon zkEVM mainnet beta launched on March 27. Blockchain intelligence platform DappRadar reported that Polygon recorded 1,38,081 dUAWs in March. This is a bullish sign for the network.

5: MinaProtocol

Mina is a zero-knowledge Layer 1 block chain that develops systems with trust minimization, ZK-programm, and enhanced performances. 

Investors are advised to use their own research before taking any investment decisions.

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