21 April, 2024

Worldcoin and Tools for Humanity Achieve Milestone with Successful Migration

21 Jul, 2023

27 Oct, 2023

In a significant development in the blockchain technology space, the Worldcoin Foundation and Tools for Humanity (TFH) have successfully migrated key pieces of their technology stack to the Optimism Superchain’s OP Mainnet. Furthermore, there are also bridges in place for Optimism and Polygon PoS

The majority of Safe wallets have been deployed to the OP Mainnet, with the remainder set to be deployed on user-initiated migration. The World App now also supports Uniswap on the OP Mainnet and has been updated to prompt users to begin the migration process, which takes an average of 90 seconds.

The migration is a significant development for World ID holders and World App users. It also marks an important step towards the decentralization of identity on Optimism’s Superchain. Decentralized identity is a key component in unlocking online integrity, democratic governance, and innovation.

The Worldcoin Foundation and TFH believe that bringing World ID to the OP Mainnet could strengthen the capabilities of Optimism’s Citizens’ House, which works alongside the Token House to govern the Optimism Collective. It could also enhance the Optimism Collective’s AttestationStation, a multiplayer database for streamlining the attestation process and enabling a robust web of trust on any OP Chain in the Superchain.

The Foundation and TFH, along with Coinbase, have been working towards Optimism’s Superchain vision. Last year, they began work on joint contributions to EIP-4844, which is expected to reduce L2 fees by 10x and is expected to be included in the next hardfork of Ethereum. Per the official website, the Worldcoin Foundation and Optimism communities are committed to realizing a scalable, inclusive future that unlocks the full potential of crypto and furthers the evolution of identity on the blockchain.

In other news, the field of decentralized identity in the Web3 space is witnessing significant advancements. Several projects, including Disco, SpruceID, Iden3, Polygon ID, and Ceramic, are at the forefront of this movement, developing solutions that aim to give users sovereignty over their online identities. According to a report, the global decentralized identity market is projected to reach a value of $6.8 billion by 2027, underscoring the increasing interest and investment in this area.


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