• 19 June, 2024

$XAI Token Surges 60% in a Week Amidst Bitcoin’s Cool-Off

XAI Games’ native token $XAI has captured the spotlight with an impressive 60% surge within a single week. According to BSCN Gaming, a renowned blockchain figure, this remarkable uptick coincides with Bitcoin’s 8% cool-off following the recent ETF approval. XAI Games, a self-proclaimed ‘layer-3’ network, is gaining traction by leveraging the Ethereum Layer 2 solution, Arbitrum $ARB.

The key factor in $XAI’s price escalation is the recent airdrop event. XAI Games distributed $125 million worth of $XAI tokens to its NFT series holders and selected network validators.

This event has not only energized the crypto community but also sparked increased speculation and buying interest in $XAI. Consequently, the valuation of these tokens has now skyrocketed to an astounding $137 million.

Moreover, the association with Binance has played a crucial role. $XAI’s announcement as Binance’s 43rd launchpool project on January 3, 2024, and its subsequent listing on January 9, has fueled optimism among altcoin enthusiasts. This listing opened the investment floodgates to Binance’s extensive user base, potentially sustaining the token’s bullish momentum.

The GameFi and Web3 gaming sectors are also significant contributors to $XAI’s recent success. After a challenging phase in 2022, these sectors are experiencing a notable comeback. This revival is largely driven by the rebounding NFT market and the resilience of projects that weathered the previous bear market. Such a turnaround presents $XAI as an attractive investment choice, particularly for those optimistic about Ethereum, its layer 2 solutions, and the potential of Web3 gaming.

Despite these factors, the future trajectory of $XAI’s value remains speculative. However, the recent statistics are promising. Currently, the XAI token stands at a value of $0.0111965, accompanied by a trading volume of $86,567.40 over the past 24 hours. The price reflects a significant 10.09% rise within the day and an impressive 157.14% increase over the past 7 days. This remarkable uptrend not only emphasizes the token’s present achievement but also vividly illustrates the fluctuating and dynamic character of the cryptocurrency market.

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