• 29 May, 2024
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XRP/BTC Hits Low: Analysts Predict Major XRP Breakout Ahead

A renowned analyst has recently shared his insights on the XRP/BTC dynamics, shedding light on potential market movements. In a recent post on the X platform, the analyst Egrag Crypto provided an update on the XRP/BTC pair, revealing patterns that suggest a possible continuation of BTC’s upward trajectory while XRP/BTC trends downward.

Yesterday’s surge in Bitcoin prices saw XRP/BTC reach a low of 0.00000771, reinforcing Egrag Crypto’s belief that Bitcoin is poised for further gains. The charts illustrate the pattern unfolding as anticipated, suggesting that XRP may continue its descent relative to BTC. 

According to his analysis, reaching targets between 0.00000710 and 0.00000555 could signal a significant pump reminiscent of the 2017 cycle. As of press time, XRP is trading at $0.5156, marking a significant increase of 2.06% in the last 24 hours.

Source: Chart by Egrag Crypto

This prediction aligns with the analysis from another prominent figure in the crypto space, the World of Charts. In a recent X post, the analyst discussed the critical point XRP is approaching with its trendline. Should XRP successfully break out of this trendline, a move towards the $1 mark in the coming weeks could be expected.

Source: Chart by World of Charts

Both analysts emphasize the importance of key support and resistance levels in determining XRP’s next moves. Egrag Crypto’s analysis suggests that the current downward trend against BTC could set the stage for a major rally, similar to historic patterns in previous cycles. This could be particularly significant for traders and investors eyeing the potential for substantial returns if XRP mimics its past performances.

World of Charts adds another layer of insight by focusing on the trendline that XRP is testing. A successful breakout would likely propel XRP towards a significant price increase, potentially reaching $1. This movement would mark a considerable shift in market sentiment and attract a new wave of investment into XRP.

While BTC continues to show strength, XRP’s performance against it remains critical. Analyst insights suggest that XRP could be on the cusp of a major breakout despite the current downward trend, provided it hits the predicted targets. Investors and traders should stay vigilant, as the next few weeks could be pivotal for XRP.

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