• 23 July, 2024

Zeng Jiajun’s Social Recovery Tool Soul Wallet Raises $3.1M

Former ByteDance employee, Zeng Jiajun, reportedly raises $3.1 million for his social recovery tool Soul Wallet. Zeng Jiajun is credited to have raised a voice against ByteDance’s unfavorable content moderation practices in China.

Being the product manager at ByteDance (China), Zeng Jiajun used to collate fragile terms for flagging and censoring by content moderators at ByteDance. A Chinese internet technology firm, ByteDance is the owner of the highly popular social media application, TikTok.

Via the Content Quality Center of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Chinese government has reportedly censored TikTok’s content. Jiajun soon realized that the tasks he was designated to perform at ByteDance were not beneficial but unfavorable for the society. He then flew to the United States and became a whistleblower unraveling the detrimental content moderation policies of China and TikTok.

Soul Wallet helps users get valid access to their wallets, per official statements. Per Jiajun, The wallet is the gateway, fundamental infrastructure for people to access such decentralized internet.

If we said bitcoin is the separation of currency and states, Ethereum is the separation of internet and states since it can run apps on top of it (the Ethereum network) permissionlessly while being censorship-resistant,

which means states, especially authoritarian states like China, can’t shut down a decentralized application simply because they don’t like it.

Soul Wallet has also reportedly received support from Struck Crypto. Reportedly, Soul Wallet is also a recipient of Ethereum Foundation’s Layer-2 (L2) community grant.

A statement on Soul Wallet from Struck Crypto reads, Soul Wallet brings important innovation to the Ethereum community in the form of account abstraction and social recovery, enabling users to recover a lost wallet in minutes.

This core technology innovation brings us one step closer to proliferating noncustodial wallets to the masses, lowering the barriers to accessing Ethereum for billions of users.

Jiajun is optimistic about his tool being capable of defeating censorship.

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