12 April, 2024

Zilliqa Releases First Look For Their Gaming Console Prototype

23 Sep, 2022

12 Dec, 2023

Layer 1 blockchain technology Zilliqa is getting ready to enter the Web3 gaming industry with the debut of a hardware gaming console and a central location for gaming. A first look at the prototype of the gaming console has just been made public by the business.

An HDMI port, an Ethernet port, a USB-C port, and a USB 3.0 port are all visible on the prototype console. Zilliqa has not disclosed any further information on the console’s specs; however, the company did claim that the console was created to simplify the intricacies of Web3 in order to give a more pleasurable experience for its users.

The console is scheduled to be released in 2023, and it will integrate complex Web3 elements such as crypto wallets and mining. This will enable gamers to earn ZIL coins for completing in-game quests, comparable to the way that existing games reward users with virtual currency; however, the rewards will now involve blockchain technology.

The video game consoles are expected to be available for pre-order sometime in the early part of the year 2023, according to a report from Venture Beat. When that time comes, the gaming center, which is a major element of the system, will begin its testing phase. Users of the game console will also have access to a Web3 wallet that is unique to the platform, in addition to this capability.

The combination of these features, together with its own marketplace to trade in-game objects and the possibility to earn prizes, has been created to compete with Steam, PlayStation, and Nintendo. These companies all have their own online video game distribution platforms.


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