• 19 June, 2024

Zilliqa’s Anticipated v9.3.0 Upgrade Has Begun Deploying

Zilliqa, a name in the blockchain sphere, is rolling out its network upgrade v9.3.0 starting on January 3, 2024. This upgrade, scheduled to commence at 09:00 UTC, is expected to take about 24 hours. Notably, this update signifies Zilliqa’s ongoing commitment to bolstering the network’s capabilities and performance. Notably, the upgrade v9.3.0 has begun deploying.

Key features of the Zilliqa upgrade include a migration to the Google Cloud Platform, enhancements in the active reward control system via ZIP-24, and significant tweaks in the handling of contract codes and error reporting in EVM-to-Scilla calls. Additionally, the upgrade aims to boost mining efficiency and overall performance while resolving various bugs.

During the upgrade window, transaction processing on the Zilliqa network will be on hold. Users can track their ZIL balances on-chain through services like viewblock.io during this period.

Acknowledging these significant upgrades, Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced its support for the Zilliqa and Sei network enhancements. Binance is set to temporarily suspend ZIL and SEI token deposits and withdrawals to accommodate these upgrades, ensuring a seamless experience for its users during these transitions.

Simultaneously, the Sei network is preparing for a substantial upgrade set to be implemented on January 3, 2024. This upgrade, targeting enhancements in network capabilities, will commence at 8:00 PM Turkey time.

Amidst these developments, the price of Zilliqa (ZIL) has seen a slight uptick, currently standing at $0.02659769. This reflects a 1.27% increase over the last 24 hours amidst a general downtrend over the past week. With a circulating supply of 18 billion ZIL, the network boasts a market cap of approximately $467.89 million.

The crypto landscape is continuously reshaping with advancements like the Zilliqa and Sei network upgrades. These developments not only reflect the dynamic nature of blockchain technology but also highlight the growing interest and participation in the digital currency market. As these networks evolve, they promise to bring new levels of efficiency and functionality, cementing their positions in the increasingly competitive world of cryptocurrency.

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