• 26 May, 2024

APAC Bitcoin Trading Rises to 26% Post-CFTC Lawsuit, Kaiko Reports

Kaiko, the leading source of cryptocurrency market data, indicates a sharp increase in Bitcoin perpetual futures (perps) traded during the Asia-Pacific (APAC) opening hours. According to a recent analysis by Kaiko in an X post, these hours now see a larger share of Bitcoin trading activity, underscoring a growing market response to regulatory actions in the United States.

Before the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) initiated a high-profile lawsuit against the crypto exchange giant Binance in 2023, the APAC trading hours, which run from 1 AM to 8 AM UTC, accounted for 21% of Bitcoin’s total trading volume. However, this figure has risen to 26% in the aftermath of the lawsuit, indicating a robust 5% increase in trading activity during these hours.

This uptick in trading volume could be attributed to several factors, including increased market volatility or regional investors adjusting their trading strategies in response to the uncertainty brought about by regulatory scrutiny. The lawsuit, which has been a pivotal event in the cryptocurrency space, seems to have shifted some global trading patterns, particularly impacting the behaviour of traders in the APAC region.

The increase in Bitcoin trading during the APAC hours is significant because it not only reflects changes in trader behaviour but also hints at a possible realignment in global cryptocurrency market dynamics. With the APAC region demonstrating a growing influence on the Bitcoin market, investors and analysts must keep a close eye on these shifts to better understand the evolving landscape.

Furthermore, the detailed data from Kaiko sheds light on the resilience and adaptability of the cryptocurrency markets amidst regulatory challenges. As regulatory frameworks in major markets continue to develop, the impact on trading patterns and investor sentiment will likely be a key area of focus for market participants worldwide.

This development serves as a vital indicator of the global nature of cryptocurrency trading and the significant role that regulatory actions can play in shaping market behaviours. It also emphasizes the need for continuous monitoring and analysis of trading patterns across different time zones to grasp the full extent of regulatory impacts on the cryptocurrency market.

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