25 April, 2024

Arbitrum Sees 35% Dip Offering Potential Investment Window

01 Apr, 2024

01 Apr, 2024

  • Michaël van de Poppe notes Arbitrum’s dip as a swing trade chance, not influenced by overbuying or overselling pressures.
  • Arbitrum’s ‘Buy Zone’ hints at strategic trade potential, detached from the wider crypto market’s modest dip.
  • Michaël van de Poppe suggests potential gains amid Arbitrum’s current pricing and market trends.

The recent decline of the cryptocurrency Arbitrum by 35% from its peak has caught the attention of investors and analysts alike. This downturn, as analyzed by trading experts like Michaël van de Poppe, may present a unique swing trade or investment opening.

The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility, creating a landscape ripe for potential gains. A particular focus has been placed on the candlestick chart of Arbitrum against USDT by van de Poppe. Candlestick patterns over a daily period have shown a notable downtrend, pushing the price towards what many might call a ‘Buy Zone’. This zone is perceived as a critical support level, hinting at the possibility of a price rebound and an attractive entry point for traders.

Michael looks to the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and trading volume as indicators of market sentiment. With the RSI reportedly hovering at mid-range, it suggests that Arbitrum is currently not in an overextended market condition, either overbought or oversold. Concurrently, trading volumes have displayed peaks and troughs, indicating key moments of trader conviction.

According to the analyst, a strategic approach to risk is crucial in the crypto trading arena. Michael pointed out the judiciously set ‘Buy Zone’ and a calculated price target suggesting an invest opportunity. This presents a conservative strategy, where the potential for gain is balanced with an awareness of market unpredictability.

Source: Michael van de Poppe on X

After a period of growth, Arbitrum’s price began a downward trend, leading to the current situation which may suggest a pivot point. Arbitrum (ARB) trades at $1.67 at press time, reflecting a 4.7% decrease over the past 24 hours and a 5.34% drop over the last week, amidst a trading volume of over $312 million. 

The token’s market valuation stands at approximately $4.26 billion, with 2.7 billion ARB in circulation. While the broader cryptocurrency market experienced a modest downturn of 0.60%, Arbitrum’s performance has lagged, particularly in contrast to its peers in the Ethereum ecosystem, which have seen an average increase of 12.70%.



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