25 February, 2024

Axie Infinity Finally Launches the First Alpha Release of Axie Infinity: Homeland

1 year ago

01 Dec, 2023

Axie Infinity has just announced the release of Axie Infinity: Homeland in Alpha form. Landholders can access the game via Mavis Hub on Windows or Mac, while non-landholders can do so after purchasing land.

Homeland is an Axie Infinity version built on the land NFT platform, where players who own Land can farm here to get more resources for the development of their Land.

According to the announcement, the purpose of this first release is to collect feedback and give you the opportunity to explore the current features together. This update marks the start of Phase 1 and Alpha Season 0. Season 0 of Alpha will last about four weeks.

Alpha Season 0 will last four weeks, followed by three more phases. Top players will earn special titles for climbing to the top of the Homeland leaderboard during Season 0.

In Homeland, players will be able to collect resources, craft items, continue to battle and even build on these lands, increase the population of their settlement, equip adventurers in battle, trade with both native Adventurers and other landowners, and show off their creativity and style.

Homeland will gradually support other features such as AXS token integration, NFT Axie, in-game trading mechanism, in-app purchase system, Land Tokens, Dungeon games, complementary items for Land, co-play events, game mode without Land, and more in the coming phases of the game.

Following a bumpy 2022, this is the most recent development of Axie Infinity. In March of this year, Ronin, the blockchain network that runs Axie Infinity, was hacked for $625 million, and that has left a stain on Axie’s recent achievements, such as the launch of the Origin version and the AxieCon conference. Even though the project has retired the bonus token, SLP, it is undeniable that the GameFi trend has had a significant impact on the AXS token price.