25 February, 2024

Justin Sun Cashed Out $626M, $501M, in Stablecoin: Scope Protocol

1 year ago

01 Dec, 2023

First-ever web3 knowledge graph protocol, Scope Protocol or 0xScope, whistles on an interesting Justin Sun (founder, Tron) crypto transaction streak. In a series of tweets, 0xScope reveals Sun has cashed out $626 million in USDC and $501 million in BUSD since November 7.

In an intriguing revelation, 0xScope tweets:

In what Sun deems to be a chain swap operation across stablecoins, Sun first transferred the stablecoins on Tron to Binance. He then withdrew to Ethereum, and transferred to Paxos and Circle.

Source: @ScopeProtocol – Twitter. Graph Courtesy: @0xWatchers.

In subsequent tweets, 0xScope draws attention towards Justin’s cashing out behavior. In the preceding 3 days, Sun opted not to directly cash out but first swap $USDT to $USDC. Sun swapped $198M $USDT to $USDC, and then cashed out.

Unearthing the said transaction, 0xWatchers tweeted:

Scope Protocol also points out Sun’s choice of selecting Binance to be the “middleman” to transfer assets to Ethereum from other chains. The reason, per 0xScope, could probably be the capacity of Binance to handle such a large transaction instantaneously.

Sharing the said transaction detail, Scope Protocol states,

Binance 14(0x28c6c0) sent 103,000,996 $USDT ($103,103,997) to Justin Sun(0x13873f) at 2022-12-25 09:48:11 UTC Transaction Hash: 0x752b97548b205b6f0c92ff3fd447f7c0b487a268a535dabdf35298c12ac84a51

Scope Protocol humorously states in a tweet that Sun posted on Twitter his Tron USDT deposit (courtesy of Whale Alert) as a “Christmas Gift.” But this was a mere 5 minute phenomenon, following which, Sun withdrew $198 million from Binance.

Scope Protocol advises on tracking Justin Sun’s stablecoin movement via Watchers Pro.