• 22 June, 2024

Aztec Network Launches Private NFTs on Ethereum Blockchain

The utilization of private NFTs is one of the more intriguing use cases for AztecConnect that has not yet been fully explored. The privacy layer has said that it has added three new Aztec Grants Request for Proposals for infrastructure aimed at keeping Ethereum’s NFTs secret.

NFTs are one of the assets that are among the most difficult to keep secret due to the specific nature of the asset. Because all NFTs that are bridged to Aztec Connect are stored in a single vault, privacy is made possible by using Aztec Connect.

The Aztec Grants Program provides financial assistance to software developers who are working to integrate privacy protections into already-existing Ethereum services or create wholly original, Aztec-native privacy applications, the company says.

At this time, the majority of NFTs are standardly public. You are able to search for complete collections on Etherscan, read their metadata, which may include links to the artwork, and determine which wallet holds each NFT.

On the other hand, private non-fungible tokens provide private ownership, which eliminates the need of making assets and transactions public to the general public. Creators are able to choose who gets unrestricted access to their work while using private NFTs.

The Aztec Network is a zkRollup that is built on Ethereum and asserts that it prioritizes users’ privacy. After what is self-proclaimed to be 18 months of research, the business only just introduced Noir: the language of zero-knowledge proofs.

To construct and validate zero-knowledge proofs, Noir is a domain-specific language (DSL) built on top of the Rust programming language. It is the most straightforward approach to creating zk applications that are suitable for use with any proving system.

By abstracting away cryptographic complexity, Noir lets any developer create zk applications, not only cryptography experts, says Aztec.

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