• 26 May, 2024

INX Digital to Fully Integrate the Avalanche Blockchain With its INX.One

According to a Dec.7 press release, Broker-dealer and crypto trading platform, INX Digital is planning to fully integrate the Avalanche Blockchain with INX.One to lead the world in bringing and accessing real-world assets on-chain.

As we continue to expand access to multiple best-in-class blockchains, we are proud to announce INX will integrate the Avalanche Blockchain with INX.One & enable even greater choice for our diverse lineup of security token issuers,

wrote the INX team on Twitter.

INX.One is the world’s first and only fully-regulated, end-to-end platform for listing and trading SEC-registered security tokens and also, cryptocurrencies.

The platform is a true Token-as-a-Service (TaaS) platform designed for capital raising, and it simplifies the issuance process by providing everything required to quickly and easily issue a digital security token to raise capital. INX.One is a multi-blockchain ecosystem that provides more options and an exceptional user experience – all on a regulated and fully-licensed platform.

The Avalanche integration, which is planned to be completed this quarter, marks yet another step forward in Ava Labs’ mission to digitize the world’s assets, according to Morgan Krupetsky, Director of Business Development for Institutions at Ava Labs.

The tokenization platform will unlock even greater possibilities for issuers raising capital and wider access to investment opportunities and liquidity for investors.

he added.

Avalanche supports 500+ dApps and secures billions of dollars in value while managing to minimize environmental impact, which sets it apart from the other Blockchains. It also supports Subnets, a custom, app-specific blockchains allowing the network to scale infinitely. Ava Labs, Avalanche’s primary software developer, is working with INX to digitize real-world assets.

INX’s mission is to help US and international investors gain access to the growing opportunities in the digital economy. INX launched its INX One platform in September with the goal of allowing trading of cryptocurrencies as well as security tokens registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States.

Last year, INX became the first company to complete a security token offering registered with the SEC. Over 7,000 investors contributed $85 million to the offering.

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