23 February, 2024

Become a New Era Investor With the Notum Platform

7 months ago

22 Nov, 2023

New times demand new decisions and measures. Nowadays when traditional economics isn’t the only way to think about gaining extra income and profit, new and decentralized solutions appear in the market. At this point, it’s crucial to keep your finger on the pulse of the crypto economy.

What to try: staking, yield farming or become a liquidity provider? How not to lose new opportunities and stay informed to grow your wealth and use new technologies for maximizing your profit? The Notum platform found solutions!

Key Notum’s Highlights:

Notum makes your crypto gain profit. The platform increases your income no matter the price dynamic.

The platform is comprehensive. No need for back-breaking strategies to get income, everything is easy as ABC.

It’s a truly DeFi platform. Non-custodial = save and 3rd parties free.

One platform – many strategies. Notum reshaped form the crypto landscape by aggregating all crucial metrics in one space for you to save money and time.

Notum makes it possible for you to save money on gas fees and enter the market in any position.

It’s way easier to start investing with a friendly and intuitive UI/UX platform design eliminating the confusion you usually get on the apps alike.

How Does Notum Help You to Invest Effectively?

It Helps You to Find New Investment Opportunities

The crypto market is rapidly growing and creating new niches to invest in. These new coming protocols have particular mechanics making investors not only curious but also puzzled and confused.

Notum batches various investment offers and helps investors compare them by many crucial parameters, such as TVL, APY, Market Cap, etc. This goes along with a top-notched grouping of investment proposals into categories. Making the whole picture as clear as possible, reducing confusion you might get on other platforms.

All Investment Opportunities in One Space

That’s as simple as that — before investing in any strategy or vault, it’s essential to understand what they exactly are and how they function. That’s why Notum provides a detailed and comprehensive description of each investment opportunity including the following:

  • what assets are located in a definite pool;
  • how a particular strategy brings profitability;
  • risks that might be involved.

You don’t just get lots of information, but all this information is brought as strategy and/or vault cards that are easy to understand because the provided information is well-structured and straightforward.

Notum Makes Your Market Entry Smooth

Another challenge that investors struggle with is that to enter a strategy and/or pool, it is necessary to provide assets that are involved there. For example, to provide liquidity on Uniswap, you need to allocate 2 tokens in a ratio of 50 to 50. If these tokens are not in the wallet, you need to purchase them on the exchange. So, this always goes along with a boring and rather tiring search of commission costs and ends up as a waste of time.

Notum aimed to cover up this pain point by offering you the easiest way to enter any position — be it a strategy or vault with any cryptocurrency in your wallet.  You are just one click away from getting passive income and becoming wealthier!

The Platform Assists in Managing Investments

Notum gathers all your investment positions in one space and keeps track of the current wallet activity. On top, you’ll get key charts and analytics broken down by networks, assets, and strategies. Track your portfolio balance as a result of your active positions on a single platform without leaping to others.

Buy, Stake & Swap Within the Platform

No need to control multiple platforms trying to manage different services. Notum wants to help you out with this by providing instant swaps, an easy buying and staking process from the comfort of one platform. Choose from a wide range of tokens and coins and forget about switching between platforms.

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Contact Name: Max Smek, Notum.

Email Address – info@notum.ai.

Address – George Town, 31493, 122 Mary Street, Cayman Islands.

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