02 March, 2024

Binance Has Integrated The Crypto Wallet SafePal Into Its App

1 year ago

22 Nov, 2023

A cooperation between the cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance, which is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, and the cryptocurrency wallet SafePal was recently revealed. As a result of this, the wallet will be integrated into the exchange’s app.

Every user of the Binance app now has quick and simple access to SafePal. Binance advises its users that there has never been a time when it would be more beneficial to increase the security of their cryptocurrency wallets than there is right now.

SafePal is a comprehensive suite of tools for safe cryptocurrency management that can be used by both seasoned crypto veterans as well as newbies to the space. Additionally, Binance Labs invested in the project as one of their very first and only hardware wallets throughout the course of their incubation program.

Because of this cooperation, users of Binance will be able to utilize their cryptocurrency holdings to buy things from SafePal. Safepal’s Chief Executive Officer, Veronica Wong provided further explanation by stating that the company is extremely excited to continue holistically supporting and integrating innovative Binance solutions such as the Binance Mini Program. Safepal is the only hardware wallet company that has been invested in by Binance Labs.

In her words:

“We look forward to providing the Web3 community access to the full suite of SafePal product lines through Binance Pay and allowing the crypto community to purchase SafePal hardware wallets using their favorite cryptocurrencies.“ 

In a related development, Binance formed a partnership with SafePal a little over a month ago. Users of SafePal can now use their debit or credit cards to make direct purchases of more than 200 cryptocurrencies thanks to Binance Connect.



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