• 28 May, 2024

Greenpeace USA has Claimed Bitcoin Mining Drives ‘New Global Warming Pollution’

Greenpeace USA has criticized Bitcoin mining on Twitter based on a Bloomberg article claiming that it is causing millions of tons of global warming in the US. This has enraged the Bitcoin community as the organization is making false claims against Bitcoin creating a bad rep for it.

Greenpeace USA is an environmental non-profit organization aimed to initiate eco-friendly social movements. This organization has recently tweeted claiming that Bitcoin does not contribute to helping the environment.

Many members of the community have voiced their opinions stating that Bitcoin mining is one of the most profitable ways of using renewable energy. These profits will then be further used to fund the construction of renewable energy-harnessing infrastructure.

This tweet also caught the attention of Daniel Batten, an influential personality on Twitter. He replied to appreciating Greenpeace USA’s need to be skeptical while mentioning that the next step for this large organization with such a voice should have been to start scientific research rather than an anti-bitcoin campaign.

He mentions that Bloomberg is merely an online media source and does not have a scientific research team. This disables their credibility as a source as they cannot conduct scientific research to back their claims, nor do they have the expertise to assess grid management technology.

Online media source Bloomberg has limited funding and therefore cannot conduct a thorough investigation of their claims forcing them to reproduce content from other sources which they do not have the resources to fact-check from. Bloomberg also relied for this information on an impartial and inaccurate source which has heavily skewed results and findings.

All these traits make Bloomberg articles unfit to rely on for information, especially by an organization like Greenpeace USA that has a massive influence and impact, and a loud voice. Hence, Daniel encourages the masses to look for reliable sources of information rather than blindly believing any article they come across.

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