• 19 June, 2024
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Bitcoin Consolidates at ATH Despite $2B Open Interest Loss: What’s Next?

Bitcoin and Ethereum have experienced a significant reduction in open interest, with Bitcoin losing approximately $1.3 billion and Ethereum about $800 million. As highlighted by Daan Crypto Trades, a top analyst, this massive drop, totaling over $2 billion for the two leading cryptocurrencies, indicates substantial market movements.

As further highlighted by Charting Guy, an analyst, despite these losses, Bitcoin’s consolidation at its previous all-time high (ATH) is not a bearish sign. Understanding and studying market cycles reveal that this phase mirrors the patterns observed in 2017. Volatility in altcoins is expected until Bitcoin reaches price discovery, presenting accumulation opportunities for investors.

The BTC/USD pair, analyzed over a 15-minute interval, shows a clear trend and crucial support and resistance levels. Initially, Bitcoin followed a steady upward trend, with a series of higher highs and higher lows leading to a peak around the $72,000 level. This peak marks a significant resistance level. The uptrend indicates strong market confidence before the sharp decline.

Following the peak, Bitcoin experienced a dramatic drop, breaking through several price levels. This sudden decline suggests a market reaction to significant news or a substantial sell-off. The price dropped from around $72,000 to a low of approximately $68,400 within a few hours. This sharp decline highlights the volatility inherent in cryptocurrency markets.

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After the decline, Bitcoin showed signs of recovery, stabilizing around the $69,000 level. This stabilization suggests the formation of a new support level, providing a cushion against further declines. The $68,400 level, being the lowest point during the decline, serves as a crucial support level. If the price approaches this level again, it may encounter buying interest, reinforcing its importance as a support zone.

The $70,000 level acts as a minor resistance, given its psychological significance. Market reactions around this level during the decline indicate its role as a resistance point. The peak at $72,000 remains a significant resistance level. Future attempts to recover to this point will likely face strong resistance, making it a critical level to watch.

Source:  Daan Crypto Trades

A noticeable spike in trading volume during the price decline indicates significant selling pressure. Following the drop, the volume decreases, suggesting reduced selling pressure and a potential accumulation or consolidation phase. This phase is crucial for building a foundation for future price movements. At press time, Bitcoin’s price is around $69,405.48, with a 24-hour trading volume of $35,887,731,306, reflecting a 2.42% decrease in the last 24 hours.

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