25 April, 2024

Bitcoin’s Realized Cap Hits New Peak, Buoyed by ETF Capital Inflows

13 Mar, 2024

13 Mar, 2024

  • Bitcoin’s Realized Cap grows by $54B monthly, hinting at strong demand and investment inflows.
  • New US ETFs drive Bitcoin demand, expanding market access and boosting Realized Cap.
  • Despite minor sell-off, Bitcoin maintains a $1.42T market cap with a significant trading volume spike.

In the last few days, the Bitcoin market has seen a substantial capital influx, with the cryptocurrency’s Realized Cap setting a number of new records. According to a blockchain analysis firm, Glassnode, the Bitcoin Realized Cap has been growing gradually to $54 billion every month. This rate is fast approaching the levels it last achieved during the early 2021 times, which were characterized by a strong bullish run in the cryptocurrency market.

The rise in Bitcoin’s Realized Cap signals robust capital inflows, indicating a strong demand for the digital asset. Analysts point to the recent introduction and success of new United States Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) as a catalyst for these inflows. These ETF products have made it easier for a broader range of investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin, thus boosting its demand and, subsequently, its Realized Cap.

Furthermore, Ki Young Ju, a notable figure in the cryptocurrency space, remarked on another critical market movement: Bitcoin miners have begun to sell off their BTC holdings. While this could have various implications for the market, Ju suggests that the bull market trend is likely to continue as long as the inflows from ETFs remain steady. Market participants often watch miners’ behavior closely, as it can provide insights into potential shifts in the market’s supply and demand dynamics. 

Bitcoin’s rollercoaster ride continues as the digital currency goes through an intense 24-hour trading period, a testament to its well-known volatility. Kicking off at roughly $69,500, the cryptocurrency rapidly gained momentum, scaling to a zenith of $73,612.56. However, this bullish surge was short-lived, as the market soon saw Bitcoin take a steep fall. 

The cryptocurrency ultimately steadied, trading at around $72,500. Despite these wild price swings, Bitcoin’s market capitalization maintains a substantial presence at $1.42 trillion, accounting for 0.04% of the market, with a 24-hour trading volume increase of 22.23%, reaching over $63 billion.



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