28 February, 2024

Cardano Parent Input Output Launches Daedalus Wallet For Mainnet

8 months ago

19 Oct, 2023

Input Output (IOHK), the parent organization behind the Cardano blockchain, recently launched the Daedalus wallet version 5.3.0 for mainnet. The blockchain firm stated that Daedalus’ mainnet release would support the registration process for Cardano’s Project Catalyst, a series of experiments aimed at extracting community innovation and growth.

Input Output took to Twitter earlier today to announce the launch of Daedalus for mainnet:

The Daedalus wallet was initially unveiled in September last year ahead of Cardano’s widely anticipated Vasil upgrade. Daedalus was presented as a non-custodial and open-source wallet for Cardano users. It came with a full Cardano node and stored the entire history of the Cardano blockchain and validated all blocks and transactions for trustless and autonomous use.

The latest version announced by Input Output included support for Cardano’s Project Catalyst. Daedalus 5.3.0 would support the registration process for Catalyst and would require registration using a regular payment address rather than a staking rewards address. The latest update by Input Output was aimed at improving the stability of the exchange rate conversion feature and also made the syncing progress percentage formatting more consistent.

Users who wished to participate in the upcoming Fund10 deployment would have to register again with Daedalus’ latest version since previous voting formats would not be eligible for voting rewards. Project Catalyst deploys resources from the Cardano Treasury to support innovation in the Cardano ecosystem. Allocation for projects is based on voting from community members, who vote for each fund, the latest being Fund10.

The announcement of Daedalus had no visible impact on Cardano’s native token ADA. At the time of writing, ADA was trading at $0.307, down more than 2% over the past 24 hours. The token had a market capitalization of over $10.7 billion and a daily trading volume of $309 million. ADA gained more than 14% since the beginning of 2023.


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