• 26 May, 2024
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Cardano’s ADA Prepares for Potential Surge: Key Indicators to Watch

In an analysis by Trend Rider (@TrendRidersTR), the spotlight turns to Cardano’s ADA token, hinting at a pivotal moment akin to its historical surge in October 2020. Back then, $ADA plummeted to $0.10, only to ascend dramatically to $3. This trajectory has captured the attention of holders, as Trend Rider suggests a possible repetition. 

The analyst points out, “Attention $ADA Holders! If history repeats itself, we might be on the cusp of $ADA’s ultimate support test before skyrocketing.” The key indicators? A bullish RSI crossover and retest signal a potential for another exponential rise.

Moreover, Trend Rider’s technical analysis delves deeper, employing the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and its Moving Average (MA) to forecast market trends for $ADA. The upper section of their analysis showcases a candlestick chart detailing $ADA’s price movement in USD. It features circles and labels at critical junctures where the market’s mood swings from bullish to bearish and vice versa. 

Such shifts are notably marked by the emergence of a large green candle following a sequence of smaller red ones, indicating the onset of a bull market. Conversely, the start of a bear market is signified by a prominent red candle succeeding a streak of green ones.

Beneath this, a line graph elucidates the RSI of $ADA against its MA. The chart illustrates the RSI line (in green) oscillating above and below the MA (in red), with intersections marked as significant moments. These crossovers, especially when the RSI surpasses its MA, are often seen as confirmations of a trend coined as “retests” in trading parlance. Trend Rider’s analysis proposes these intersections as reliable predictors for discerning bull and bear markets, aligning perfectly with the shifts highlighted on the candlestick chart above.

At the time of press, Cardano’s price stood at $0.465487, marking a 4.30% dip in the last 24 hours. The analysis concludes with a note of anticipation, stating, “RSI Crossovers perfectly predicts Bull and Bear Markets for $ADA, Now having its first support test.” This observation posits that $ADA might be at a crucial juncture, potentially affirming a support level or hinting at a trend reversal

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