• 13 July, 2024

Chainlink’s Strong Support Retest Signals Potential for Bullish Trend Reversal

Chainlink’s recent price action reveals a significant development as it consistently retests a crucial support zone represented by the red region, as highlighted by Rekt Capital, a revered crypto analyst. This pattern resembles a similar occurrence in early 2021 when Chainlink experienced a swift retest of this level. However, the current retest appears to be more prolonged, suggesting the potential for a similar upward trajectory as seen in the past.

Rekt Capital’s latest analysis on LINK/USD, set on a 1-week timeframe, reveals telling signs. The chart indicates a significant uptrend, breaking away from the previous downtrend. This change is marked by a notable green candlestick, signaling a solid bullish movement.

Furthermore, the chart presents critical support and resistance levels. A green band below the $19.436 price at the time of analysis denotes a robust support zone. Conversely, an orange band above signifies a resistance area. Additionally, once a barrier, a key descending line has been breached, further bolstering the bullish outlook.

Intriguingly, the analysis includes a purple-faced emoji with sunglasses. This might reflect the analyst’s confidence in the forecast. Various marked price levels add depth to this outlook, specifically focusing on a target (T1) of $11.225, suggesting a potential 203.04% increase.

Ali, another analyst, supports this bullish view. His analysis points to a bull pennant formation on his LINK analysis chart. A decisive close above $17.2 could trigger a significant breakout. He predicts a surge towards $34, highlighting $14.2 as a critical level to watch. A drop below this point could negate the current optimistic projection.

As of the latest update from CoinMarketCap, Chainlink trades at $15.42. This price point situates it between the analysts’ identified key levels. The convergence of these analyses presents a compelling case for Chainlink’s potential upward trajectory. Both experts concur on the likelihood of a bullish run, albeit with cautionary notes on specific price levels.

Chainlink’s market position appears strong, with multiple indicators pointing towards a continued rise. The breach of a longstanding downtrend and the formation of a bull pennant are significant markers. Investors and traders should monitor these developments closely, monitoring the crucial support and resistance levels. As always, the volatile nature of the crypto market calls for prudent investment strategies.

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