28 February, 2024

Crypto.com Partners Up with LA Kings to Launch Limited NFTs

1 year ago

22 Nov, 2023

Crypto.com partnered with the NHL team, and the LA Kings to create a historic moment for NFTs. The two have launched non-fungible tokens (NFTs) digital art tokens. They celebrated their return in the 2022 playoffs by selling three versions of digital collectibles.


Crypto.com is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms and they have partnered up with the LA Kings to give the community a present. Since the 2017-18 NHL postseason, the team has failed to secure a spot in the postseason. However, this year with their return, they have released three versions of NFTs with Crypto.com.

6000 of these digital assets were available for free at the time of the release. The art has colors and logos the LA Kings have used with the phrase, ‘A Ticket to the Metaverse’. This initiation allowed many fans to collect a piece of their favorite NHL team through the form of NFTs.

Those who wished to claim these free NFTs were required to make an account with Crypto.com. Then they would have to visit a link or scan a QR code on their website to claim their LA Kings NFT. Holders can also later choose to re-sell their NFT like any other NFT. The fees taken from the re-selling will go to support the Kings Care Foundation.

The three versions of NFTs they had created with Crypto.com are the Founder edition, the Heritage collection, and the Shield collection. The Founder edition is the rarest of these, with only 67 NFTs in the market. There are 88 Heritage collection NFTs and 5,845 of the Shield versions.

The LA Kings invited two of their NFT holders and Bob Miller, a retired play-by-play announcer for the LA Kings to Opening Nights. They hosted a game for the two NFT holders where the winner could either receive an already-revealed prize or an unrevealed prize inside a box.


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