25 April, 2024

Ethereum’s Next Step: Polygon zkEVM Public Testnet

11 Oct, 2022

12 Feb, 2024

The Ethereum community has been rewarded with many major developments in the network this year. The polygon team has announced yesterday that their Zero Knowledge (ZK) EVM public testnet has gone live.

Polygon is a solution to Ethereum’s scalability issues. Polygon is a separate network from the Ethereum network, which will be used to facilitate transactions reducing transaction costs to less than a cent while lessening the load on the Ethereum network. This allows for a new framework for all the Ethereum projects to be developed on.

The Polygon team has announced its newest feature, the Zero Knowledge (ZK) rolling technology. The team hopes that this development will be used as their primary scalability solution.

With the newest features, developers will not need to learn new programming languages and can shift their smart contacts from Ethereums without any issues. This announcement was extremely exciting for the entire Web3 community since it was thought that ZK rollups will still take a few years to launch.

Polygon zkEVM is still under works and will take a while to be fully ready to be launched. However, they have opened a Public testnet for this feature as well. Major decentralized finance platforms like Aave and Uniswap have begun to utilize this feature. A Web3 social media platform called Lens will also be using Polygon zkEVM testnet.

The Polygon team continues to say that they wish to use the advantages of ZK while being consistent with the many qualities of Ethereum. It is the first full-featured open-source zkEVM network. They wish to continue to remain transparent and have open-source development like the Ethereum team.

With the Polygon zkEVM public testnet being live, they invite their community members to test, improve, and speed up the journey to be able to launch it at the ZK rollup best form.

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