25 February, 2024

FatMan Terra Called Out CryptoCom For Having Double Standards

1 year ago

22 Nov, 2023

The tale that CryptoCom sent a lady almost $10M in error when they meant to give her just $100 began making the rounds a few months ago. Now, the well-known Terra insider who has been consistently leaking information about the failed company, FatMan Terra, has called out CryptoCom for having a double standard.

Only seven months later did CryptoCom recognize their error, and at that point they made the decision to sue her. She failed to appear in court and so lost her case; as a result, she had to sell the property and pay them back.

Under the post, a user on Twitter stated that if CryptoCom had received money in error from a user, they would not have handed it back to the sender under any circumstances. FatMan Terra replied, “The woman should have emailed them back saying “withdrawals are halted, I am in HODL mode”, uno reverse.”

FatMan Terra has been consistent in calling out immoral industry players. For instance, he exposed Terra as a fraud from day one, only a few weeks ago.

The anonymous investigator claims the designers of Terra were unjustly profiting themselves while concealing important details from investors. With intent.

The detective has his doubts that Do Kwon can keep to just one version of events. That’s a common trait among con artists. And he says there’s a good reason why authorities everywhere are scrutinizing Terra in particular.

In addition, FatMan said in May that a Jump employee had disclosed that Alameda and Jump were conspiring to fraudulently bid up the price of Serum FDVs over their true worth, which contributed to the recent demise of yet another crypto firm (FTX exchange). Jump has to be severely probed for their part in making the FTX collateral fraud possible, says FatMan.