25 February, 2024

Flipkart and Hang Revolutionize Loyalty, Unveils FireDrops 2.0 on Polygon CDK

3 months ago

07 Dec, 2023

  • Flipkart’s FireDrops 2.0, powered by Hang, reshapes loyalty with 3.3M NFT holders, prioritizing female users.
  • Integration of Polygon CDK at Polygon Connect India paves the way for Ethereum ZK Layer 2.
  • Flipkart’s bespoke blockchain promises tailored experiences, minimal fees, and future upgrades for enhanced user engagement.

Flipkart, a prominent player in India’s digital commerce platforms, is set to redefine user loyalty through its innovative FireDrops 2.0 program powered by Hang. Focused on enhancing user engagement, Flipkart is leveraging the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) to establish a dedicated chain for scaling the FireDrops Web3 loyalty initiative.

Flipkart initially partnered with Hang and Polygon 6 months ago and launched FireDrops in September. Since then it has witnessed a remarkable response, garnering over 3.3 million wallets holding at least one NFT, with a noteworthy one-third belonging to female shoppers. The program is poised to transform the traditional loyalty landscape by gamifying experiences and incentivizing brand loyalty on an unprecedented scale.

The announcement, made at Polygon Connect India, outlines Flipkart’s strategic integration of Polygon CDK to construct an Ethereum-based zero-knowledge (ZK) Layer 2 network exclusively for FireDrops. This move is designed to not only streamline the service but also to lay the foundation for its future expansion.

Polygon CDK, a proven platform embraced by projects such as OKX, Astar, Canto, Gnosis Pay, Palm, and IDEX, facilitates the development and launch of ZK Layer 2s on Ethereum. The forward-looking approach ensures interoperability and unity among ZK-powered Layer 2s within the broader Polygon CDK ecosystem.

The blockchain developed for Flipkart provides a spectrum of customization options, promising users a finely-tuned onboarding experience, dedicated blockspace, and minimal transaction fees. As Polygon CDK evolves, it is expected to introduce upgrades that enhance transaction data privacy, enable chain operation without a token, explore central bank digital currency integration, and provide access to liquidity within the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems. For those eager to be part of the revolution, joining the FireDrops waitlist offers early access and an opportunity to be at the forefront of this transformative loyalty program.