• 14 July, 2024

Global Interest Peaks as XRP Fair Market Valuation Report Circulates Worldwide

In a compelling exploration of XRP’s global significance, Molly Elmore, CMO of Valhil Capital’s Blockchain Businesses, initiated a thought-provoking Twitter thread. The focus was a fundamental query: “Is XRP a global currency, therefore a world-wide concern?”. This question has resonated with a substantial audience, as evidenced by the 37,000-plus individuals who have viewed the XRP Fair Market Valuation Report over 51,000 times in the past six months.

Six months ago, the Valuation Committee distributed an analysis of the Fair Market Value of XRP in response to the SEC vs. Ripple case. Despite its English origin and initial distribution to an American audience, over half of the 37,000 viewers are situated outside the US.

Source: Twitter

The report was presented in an electronic “flipbook” format, revealing that over half of its viewers are from outside the US. People from 180 countries engaged with the report, constituting an impressive 92%. This shows that there is a pervasive interest in the global financial system and XRP’s prospective role. People are eager to comprehend what lies ahead as the world financial system remains uncertain.

Molly Elmore’s journey into the valuation of XRP began in December 2020, triggered by the SEC lawsuit against Ripple. The subsequent decrease in market price prompted a closer look at the regulatory implications. In an effort to address the perceived harm caused by the SEC, Valhil Capital formed a Confidential Committee, leading to the creation of a Valuation Committee in the fall of 2022.

Over several months, six different valuation models were meticulously crafted. The decision to share findings along the way, despite criticism, allowed for transparency and an expanding effort involving diverse contributors.

Despite some misunderstandings, the valuation models presented in the newly released paper, “A Comprehensive Approach to Determining the Fair Market Value of XRP,” uncover significant potential value for XRP had the lawsuit not occurred. These misconceptions likely stem from critics who may have misinterpreted the transparent process and motivations behind the valuation effort.

The paper delves into the Virtuous Cycle, exploring the dynamic relationship between transaction value and store of value, offering a unique and comprehensive analysis unparalleled in the digital asset space.
Ripple Labs won a major legal battle against the US SEC, but XRP’s price is still struggling to rise above $0.6603. The case, led by CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Chairman Chris Larsen, proved the company’s resilience against the SEC’s allegations of violating US securities laws.

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