• 24 June, 2024
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Grayscale Bitcoin Trust’s Amended S-3 Signals Spot Bitcoin ETF Path: Report

In a strategic move aligning with the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust submitted its third amended S-3 filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) today. This amended filing aims to convert the trust into a spot Bitcoin ETF, timed strategically as the window for potential approval of such ETFs looms between January 5-10, 2024.

In a recent X post, Bloomberg ETF analyst James Seyffart highlighted that the recent S-3 filing by Grayscale specifically focused on appending certain exhibits, clarifying that it didn’t alter any clauses within the prospectus forming part of the registration statement.

Significantly, the main emphasis of this amendment was to include particular exhibits without making any changes to the provisions outlined in the prospectus associated with the registration statement. In a recent post on X, Eric Balchnas stressed the explicitness of the cash-only clauses outlined in the filing. Both analysts also pointed out the absence of an Authorized Participant (AP) name, highlighting unresolved aspects that still need to be addressed.

CEO Michael Sonnenshein shared cryptic yet suggestive remarks on the X platform, hinting at a significant week ahead for the cryptocurrency market. His comment coincides with anticipation around the SEC’s impending announcement regarding spot Bitcoin ETF approvals, potentially as early as January 6.

This recent move follows Grayscale’s prior amendment to convert GBTC into a spot Bitcoin ETF, a decision speculated to respond to Barry Silbert stepping down as Grayscale Investments‘ chairman. Seyffart suggested this move signifies Grayscale’s compliance with the SEC’s requirement for cash-only orders, metaphorically stating the company is “bending the knee” to regulatory mandates.

Further reinforcing their preparedness, Sonnenshein emphasized Grayscale’s readiness dating back to 2017, specifically spotlighting Jane Street and Virtu as authorized participants. This statement follows Grayscale’s submission of a free writing prospectus (FWP) to the SEC on December 29, mirroring comparable updates seen in S-1 filings from other spot Bitcoin ETF issuers.

Grayscale’s submission of this amended filing signifies a significant stride in navigating regulatory shifts, strategically aligning itself for potential approval within the constantly evolving realm of cryptocurrency ETFs. This move underscores the company’s proactive stance toward compliance and readiness to embrace opportunities in the evolving regulatory environment governing digital asset investments.

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