29 February, 2024

India Launches World’s First Metaverse Airport on Polygon

1 year ago

06 Dec, 2023

According to a recent tweet from the creator of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal, they have launched Metaport, the world’s first metaverse airport powered by Polygon, during the ceremony of the Prime Minister of India inaugurating Terminal 2 of BLR Airport.

The prospective use cases are highlighted in BLR Airport’s new metaverse on Polygon, which focuses particularly on business applications. Airports, for instance, may utilize the metaverse to advertise the services they provide. Customers may find it simpler to acquaint themselves digitally with the layout of the airport as a result of this feature.

This is the very first time that a metaverse representation of an airport has been made available. It is possible that Polygon and other blockchain networks that are experimenting with the metaverse would benefit from this. Most significantly, it brought to light the possibility that Polygon may make an important contribution to the fast growth of the metaverse.

In related development, according to a recent study conducted by Deloitte, if investments in the technology are maintained in the next five to ten years, the metaverse has the potential to contribute from $0.8 trillion to $1.4 trillion per year to Asia’s GDP by 2035.

According to the report, the metaverse will have a profound effect on the economies of Asia; nevertheless, the extent to which it will be able to reach its full potential is going to be determined by a diverse range of socioeconomic determinants and enablers, which will differ depending on the market.

In terms of regulation, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, and other countries are fostering solid business settings and adopting clear regulatory guardrails. This is to ensure that firms and consumers alike may connect with the metaverse in a safe manner.


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