• 13 July, 2024
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John E. Deaton Backs Saylor’s Bitcoin Strategy as MicroStrategy’s Holdings Soar

John E. Deaton, a well-known personality in the cryptocurrency realm, recently voiced his support for Michael Saylor’s assertive strategy in acquiring Bitcoin. In a tweet, Deaton made it clear that he believes Saylor is deeply committed to expanding his Bitcoin portfolio, even suggesting he aims to surpass Satoshi Nakamoto’s holdings. This statement was a nod to Max Keiser’s observation that Saylor and his company, MicroStrategy, are strategically positioned to secure up to 5% of all Bitcoin.

Deaton’s backing of Saylor isn’t a new chapter. He has often commended Saylor’s strategic approach to Bitcoin, particularly in light of significant market events like the anticipated Bitcoin halving and the introduction of Bitcoin Spot Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). These endorsements come at a time when Saylor’s MicroStrategy has been making significant waves in the cryptocurrency market with its substantial Bitcoin investments.

At the helm of MicroStrategy, Saylor has steered the company towards a daring strategy, making Bitcoin a cornerstone of its financial planning. This move is designed to combat economic inflation and potentially deliver greater returns to shareholders. This approach has seen the company’s stock (MSTR) soar, with a 353.98% increase year to date, significantly outperforming other major companies. Saylor’s belief in Bitcoin goes beyond mere investment; he sees it as an essential asset for businesses aiming to safeguard and enhance their capital in these challenging economic times.

Further, MicroStrategy’s recent purchase of an additional 14,620 bitcoins, which cost about $615.7 million, is a testament to their commitment and a continuation of their broader strategy. To date, the company has accumulated roughly 189,150 bitcoins, with a total investment of approximately $5.895 billion. This aggressive investment stance is particularly noteworthy as the cryptocurrency community anticipates the next Bitcoin halving and navigates potential regulatory shifts.

With their Bitcoin holdings now valued at around $8.1 billion at current prices, MicroStrategy’s pivot toward cryptocurrency is clear. Their approach is indicative of a growing trend among corporations, increasingly viewing digital assets as a way to mitigate economic risks and seize substantial investment opportunities.

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