02 March, 2024

Polygon’s Type-1 zkEVM: Driving Cost-Effective Blockchain Solutions

3 weeks ago

13 Feb, 2024

  • The Type-1 upgrade to zkEVM by Polygon enables cost-efficient transactions across EVM chains.
  • Integration with AggLayer facilitates smooth transition to ZK Layer 2, enhancing scalability.
  • Future enhancements promise significant cost reduction and performance boosts, revolutionizing blockchain technology.

Polygon has announced the release of the Type-1 upgrade to the zkEVM prover. This marks a significant leap in Polygon’s proving technology. The new upgrade boasts the capability to generate proofs for any EVM chain. This includes sidechains, optimistic rollups, and even Ethereum itself. Hence, it opens up a new realm of possibilities for blockchain interoperability and efficiency.

Moreover, the cost implications are noteworthy. When it comes to proving Ethereum mainnet blocks, the average per-transaction cost falls between $0.002 and $0.003. Developed in collaboration with Toposware, the Type-1 prover is not just advanced but also open source. It is available for use starting today.

Additionally, the integration with the AggLayer is a game-changer. It will enable EVM chains to transition to ZK seamlessly. This transition comes with access to the shared state, liquidity, and user base of the Polygon ecosystem. Hence, the potential for growth and integration is immense.

What sets the Type-1 prover apart is its Ethereum equivalence. It preserves all of Ethereum’s execution logic. Consequently, any EVM chain can become a ZK Layer 2 without needing to fork or modify. This feature is a cornerstone of the Type-1 zkEVM prover.

Furthermore, the Type-1 prover is another configuration available to projects building with Polygon CDK, a modular toolkit for creating ZK L2s. Projects like Immutable zkEVM, Manta Network, and Canto Public are planning to leverage Polygon CDK. They aim to connect to the AggLayer while enjoying lower costs and better user experiences.

Besides, Polygon’s activities are expanding as more performance optimizations and a Type-2 mode are on the horizon. Currently, the Type-1 can prove existing Ethereum blocks at a remarkably low cost. With the upcoming release of Plonky3 and additional enhancements to zkEVM, users can anticipate a substantial 30 to 50X decrease in costs within the next year.

Significantly, this upgrade represents a monumental step in the evolution of blockchain technology. It not only enhances efficiency and reduces costs but also fosters greater interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem. Polygon continues to push the boundaries, paving the way for a more connected and efficient blockchain future. As of the latest update, Polygon (MATIC) is valued at $0.8428 showcasing a 1.36% growth in the last 24 hours.


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