25 February, 2024

Reddit User Turns MOON Tokens into $91K by Predicting Bitcoin’s Surge

2 weeks ago

19 Feb, 2024

  • u/MeLLoN98 turns Reddit’s MOON tokens into $91,000 by accurately predicting Bitcoin’s $50,000 surge on Polymarket.
  • The Reddit user converts MOON tokens to USDC, invests in Polymarket, plans reinvestment, and anticipates increased MOON liquidity through partnerships.
  • Celer Network collaboration boosts liquidity for MOON; traders show interest in purchasing more tokens amid upcoming developments.

A resourceful Reddit user, u/MeLLoN98, turned free MOON tokens, earned through contributions to the CryptoCurrency community, into a remarkable $91,000 profit. The Reddit user leveraged Polymarket, a decentralized prediction platform, and correctly predicted that Bitcoin would reach $50,000 in February, resulting in a staggering 550% return.

So basically, Reddit user u/MeLLoN98 got free tokens for participating in the cryptocurrency community. They used those tokens to bet on Bitcoin reaching $50,000 by February. When Bitcoin actually hit that mark, they won a ton of money, over $90,000. Now, they’re using some of that money to buy even more of the MOON tokens, hoping to make even more money in the future.

No longer are crypto traders solely relying on directional bets or complex DeFi strategies for profitable returns. Platforms like Polymarket offer unique and innovative ways to tap into the market’s pulse.

Source: Polymarket

According to detailed reports, u/MeLLoN98 converted their MOON tokens, earned through Reddit contributions, into USDC and invested in Polymarket’s “Will BTC hit $50,000 in February?” contract. When Bitcoin exceeded the mark on Monday, the contract settled, generating an impressive windfall for the trader.

But u/MeLLoN98 is not stopping there. They plan to reinvest and accumulate more MOON tokens, anticipating increased liquidity due to upcoming partnerships.

A recent partnership of r/CryptoCurrency with Celer Network is set to bring more liquidity to Arbitrum One’s cryptocurrency, MOON. This news has sparked interest among traders, with one individual stating their plans to purchase more MOON in light of the forthcoming development.

Polymarket, the decentralized prediction market platform, has been offering several betting contracts tied to Bitcoin and ether. The shares on the Yes side of the contract “Bitcoin all time high by Mar 31?” were trading at 18 cents as of writing, indicating a 17% probability of Bitcoin climbing above $68,789 by the end of the first quarter.

u/MeLLoN98, who goes by the name RedditMoons-10$ on Polymarket, has purchased over 230,000 shares of the Yes side of the contract. In addition, they have also placed another bet on Bitcoin reaching a record high by March 31, with the potential to yield $230,000.

These developments highlight the growing interest and participation in decentralized prediction markets, as well as the continued bullish sentiment surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.