12 April, 2024

Tether’s $9.99B on Exchanges: A Precursor to Bitcoin’s Halving Event Impact?

10 Oct, 2023

06 Dec, 2023

  • Recent data reveals $9.99B Tether held on exchanges, marking the highest in seven months ahead of Bitcoin’s halving. 
  • As Bitcoin stands 60% below its ATH, historical patterns suggest potential for a significant 2024 rally. 
  • Amid regulatory uncertainties, chatter grows about a potential U.S. Bitcoin ETF approval, indicating possible investment influx.

As the next Bitcoin halving approaches, the cryptocurrency market and broader Bitcoin universe are buzzing with heightened anticipation. Yet, signaling an undercurrent of confidence is the substantial $9.99 billion of Tether USDT held on exchanges. 

This staggering sum represents the pinnacle of buying power for crypto’s premier stablecoin in nearly seven months. Since June 13, there’s been a remarkable 40% spike in available Tether on these platforms as tweeted by Santiment, a market intelligence platform . Although historical patterns hint at potential price boosts post-halving, the significant presence of Tether, combined with the present global economic context, injects an element of unpredictability into the equation.

Drawing parallels from the past, Bitcoin’s price trajectory before previous halvings showcases remarkable consistency. In the lead-up to the 2016 and 2019 halvings, Bitcoin’s value lingered around 65% and 60% below its all-time high (ATH) respectively. Currently, it stands at a similar 60% below its ATH. Analyst Mags’ tweet pointed out that if history is any guide, might be poised for a substantial price rally in 2024.

However, the extent of this rally remains a topic of contention. Predictions span a broad spectrum, with JPMorgan’s modest $45,000 peak by 2024 on one end, and bolder forecasts from figures like BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes and Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood suggesting figures over a million by 2026 and 2030 respectively.

Market analysis uncovers a mix of indicators. Bitcoin’s recent surge to $28,000 price indicates a bullish sentiment. Yet, the decrease in unique addresses suggests potential consolidation or a slowing pace of new investor interest. But, investor sentiment seems largely optimistic, evidenced by the dwindling put-to-call ratio and a dominant 95% of Bitcoin’s supply remaining static.

Regulatory uncertainty, exemplified by apprehensions around Binance, remains a shadow on the horizon. Yet, a silver lining emerges with the increasing buzz around the possible U.S. Bitcoin ETF approval. An affirmative nod here could usher significant investments into the domain.

In the face of rising October volatility, it’s crucial to remember that the crypto world, with its breakneck pace and intricate interplay of factors, is anything but predictable. As the halving looms, only time will unravel the mysteries it holds.



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