• 13 July, 2024

Top 10 Dashboards of the Week: Dune Analytics

Cryptocurrency analytics firm Dune Analytics has shared the top 10 dashboards of the week in a series of tweets. Sharing their dashboard ranking, Dune Analytics tweeted:

  1. hildobby

Topping the ranking is NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Royalties and Marketplace Fees dashboard “hildobby,” with a total of 48 dashboards. hildobby bifurcates its dashboard under five major heads:

  • Ethereum NFT Royalties & Marketplace Fees
  • Royalty Paying Transactions
  • Royalty Paying Users
  • Blue Chips Royalties
  • Marketplace Fees

Displaying a total of 15 parameters, a couple of hildobby parameters on its Ethereum NFT Royalties and Marketplace Fees dashboard (with data) at press time are as follows:

  • Royalty Fees Volume (past week) with 34.5% for OpenSea and 65.1% for Blur.
  • Royalty Paying Transactions (past week) with 47.3% for OpenSea and 52.3% for Blur.
  • Marketplace Fees Volume (past week) with 25.6% for OpenSea, and 42.1% for LooksRare, and 25.8% for X2Y2.
  1. OpLabsPBC is the Optimism AttestationStation at number 2 of Dune’s ranking. The OpLabsPBC dashboard explores the AttestationStation deployed on Optimism Mainnet. 

The AttestationStation offers a permissionless and accessible data source for builders building reputation-oriented applications. When enabled, it allows building a rich library of qualitative and quantitative data.

The total number of attestations at press time are 525,326.

  1. As for Bitcoin Ordinals Analysis, Dune’s number 3 dashboard is dgtl_assets with a total of 267,099 Inscriptions to Date, at press time. It has ₿63.1588 Ordinals’ Total Fees To Date. Ordinals Protocol permits data embedding into the Bitcoin Blockchain.
  1. The ENS DAO Marketshare, makoto_inoue, is Dune’s number 4 dashboard. An “ENS primary name usage by the snapshot voters,” has 17% snapshot voter with ENS primary name set, 127,421ENS primary name set, and 742,821 Snapshot voters, at press time.
  1. 0xKofi’s Nifty Table, Bitcoin Security Budget, is at number 5.
  1. James Tolan’s DeFi-facilitating Centrifuge is Dune’s number 6 top dashboard. The on-chain ecosystem for structured credit, Centrifuge is transparent, affordable, and limitless.
  1. Gordian Unknotted’s “Sushiswap and the DEX Aggregation Market” is ranked at number 7 by Dune. Having $10,013,265,806 USD swap volume, at press time, its number of unique swappers are 711,943 whereas the total number of swaps are 9,317,538.
  1. Mausefalle25’s Snapshot Proposal Explorer is ranked at number 8 with a Total Voting Power of 7,652,927 and Total Votes being 63,319, at press time.
  1. Lindyhan’s “Bitcoin is a Commodity – Advanced Metrics” is number 9 in Dune’s ranking.
  2. Chrispearcx’s BNB Chain DEXs is Dune’s 10th top dashboard. It has a DEX Volume of $1.71 billion, 636.0K DEX Users, and 5.4 million DEX Txs, at press time.
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